Best Sewing Machine for Making Clothes

Best Sewing Machine for Making Clothes Reviews

Best Sewing Machine for Making Clothes Overall

Juki Pearl Line

5/5 Product Rating

The Juki Pearl Line of sewing machines offers users a lot to like.  It features a very powerful drive cutting system that handles fabric that ranges from lightweight to heavy weight.  This serger offers 2, 3, Or 4 thread options and has an auto rolled hem feature as well.

The MO-654DE is easy to use making it a good choice for beginners or those who have only been sewing for a short time.  Threading is simple thanks to the color coded threading feature and the breakaway looper. The top knife moves out of the user’s way so you can have easy access to ensure correct threading.

Adjust the differential feed and stitch length with the adjustments that located on the outer part of the machine so you can access them easily.  One of the popular features of this machine is the safety mechanism that prevents the machine from running unless the cover is closed.

This machine offers a variety of presser feet that are optional and available for piping, blind stitch, cording, and piping as well as other functions. It comes with a multi-purpose presser foot that sews a large variety of different stitches including elastic and tape.

Best Budget Sewing Machine for Making Clothes

Janome Magnolia

4.9/5 Product Rating

Janome is a well-known name in the sewing machine industry for producing quality sewing machines that have a lot of great features and are easy to use as well. 

The Magnolia 7318 is a great machine for those who love to sew clothing due to the array of features it offers.  There are 18 pre-set stitches to choose from as well as the 4-step buttonhole that has a balance adjuster that provides excellent results even on specialty fabrics.

The 7318 also had a jam proof, top loading bobbin system that makes threading easy and efficient. The 7 piece feed dog allows the user precise control of the fabric while you are sewing.

The bonus bundle that the Magnolia comes with includes 1 pack of needles, size 14, a Janome Muffling mat, and 10 Janome bobbins made of plastic.  This great sewing machine comes with other accessories too. Users that purchase the Janome Magnolia 7318 will receive telephone support after purchase if they need it.

Best High-End Sewing Machine for Making Clothes

Juki HZL-F600

4.7/5 Product Rating

The new F-series from Juki offers the HZL-F600, a high end sewing and quilting machine that is computerized and full of features. 

You will get professional results with your projects thanks to the ease of use, sleek style, and multi-function design that was made for sewing clothing, making quilts, and home décor as well.

The HZL-F600 can handle all types of fabric from the lightweight to the very heavyweight and can even handle sewing handles. 

The box feed system that Juki uses in this model provides exceptional feed performance as well as beautiful seams to create high quality clothing that looks fantastic.

If there are certain stitch patterns you use more than others you can select them through the direct select mode that offers applique, piecing, and zigzag stitches.  The wider underarm space and wider table that is much easier to work with when sewing larger projects. The presser foot can go up and down by using the level that controlled by using your knee.

The LED lights illuminate the sewing and needle area so you can handle the material more efficiently. In the new F-series the bobbin and needle threads are automatically trimmed just by pressing the heel side of the foot control. This allows you to automatically snip your thread while keeping the focus on your project.

There are many other reasons to love the HZL-F600 sewing machine.  From buttonholes that are perfect due to the sensor method Juki uses to the powerful feeding system, you will be able to sew jeans and other more complicated projects with ease.  Users can choose from 16 different kinds of buttonholes so you choose just the right one for the particular piece of clothing you are working on.

Add in the auto needle threader, the simple and easy bobbin thread winder, and presser foot adjustment for the pressure and you can see why this sewing machine is super popular with sewing enthusiasts.

Summary of Best Sewing Machines for Making Clothes

Sewing clothes can be a business, a hobby, or even done out of necessity.  Whatever your reason is, it is much more enjoyable to sew clothing when you have a sewing machine that is designed for clothes and that offers lots of features that complement sewing garments.

The three top rated sewing machines we have featured above are all perfect for making clothing in a fun and easy way. The companies that manufacture these sewing machines are known for quality, ease of use, and features galore.

If you are looking for a good quality, reliable sewing machine that will work with your skill level and still allow room to grow with the machine, any one of these three will fit the bill perfectly. If you want to know more about sewing machines that are good for sewing garments, take a look at our buying guide below.

This guide contains information on what to look for when researching the different sewing machine models so you can eliminate the ones that won’t work for your needs and make a confident decision on the right one that will enable you to do the sewing you want to do now and in the future as your skills improve.

Sewing Machines for Making Clothes Buying Guide

Sewing Machines for Making Clothes Buying Guide

There are many different things to look for when you are sorting through the many different kinds of sewing machines on the market that are designed for making clothing.  We have listed the important features that you will want to look for when you start shopping.

  • What are Your Abilities? – What is your skill level?  This is very important when it comes to choosing the right sewing machine for making clothes.  Are you a novice that has just gotten started or has only been sewing for a couple of months?  Are you an intermediate sewer that has improved but still don’t have a lot of confidence? Or are you a seasoned seamstress that is looking for a machine that can handle your level of expertise? Your objective when looking for a sewing machine is to get one that takes your skill level into consideration and yet still allows the machine to grow with you as your skills increase.  At some point as you continue to increase your skills you may want to get a more advanced machine but make your initial purchase one that will be easy to get started with or you will become frustrated and discouraged. 
  • Computerized or Mechanical? – All sewing machines are electronic nowadays but the less expensive, simple machines are almost always mechanical while the higher end models are computerized and have digital displays and a lot more features and functions. If you are brand new to sewing you may want to start with a simpler mechanical machine. They will offer you all of the basic features you need and won’t cost a lot.  Look for a machine that has zigzags, buttonholes, and straight stitches which you will be using the most when you first get started.  Once you have progressed in your skills or if you are already skilled, then definitely opt for a computerized model that offers a lot more stitching options and other features for you to experiment with. 
  • Where Your Machine Will Go – Where you will be sewing is not necessarily a question you may think of at first, but it is very important. The amount of space you have for your sewing machine will affect how comfortable you are and how much room you have to create all kinds of projects. If the only space you have for your sewing machine is the kitchen table or desk you need to purchase a sewing machine that is portable and easy to put away when you’re not sewing.  If you have a lot of space or even a dedicated room for sewing you can get a machine that is heavier and larger since it won’t have to be moved. Lighter machines (and smaller) are less expensive than the heavier ones in general so make sure you take a look at your space so you know which model to start with. 
  • Stitches – Different machines come with different amounts of pre-set or built-in stitches. A basic machine may only offer 6-20 pre-set stitches but some of the larger, more advanced machines can have hundreds of stitches. The advanced stitching options can provide you with the opportunity to create projects that use all kinds of nifty decorative stitches.  It will also be more likely to handle heavier fabrics and multiple layers of fabrics at one time. 

Sewing Machines for Making Clothes Buying Guide

  • Metal Parts – Look for a sewing machine that has a metal body and metal parts that have a plastic covering case. Machines with metal frames and parts will last a lot longer and be more durable during use, even frequent use, with heavier fabrics and more complicated projects. Plastic machines are very easy to break and can be really flimsy. If your skills are advanced, invest in a high end machine that is at a professional level especially if you are considering starting your own alterations or sewing business. 
  • Controlling the Speed – Adjustable speed controls are very good to have as a brand new or novice sewer because it will allow you to slow down and speed up the stitch speed to where you are comfortable with it. Adjustable speeds are easy to use and can help you have a slower stitch speed while you are getting the hang of the sewing process. 
  • Buttonhole capability – Getting a sewing machine that has a 1-step buttonholer is going to come in handy when you are sewing or repairing clothing. 4 step buttonholers are much more complicated to use. The 1-step buttonhole feature is great for both newbies and more advanced sewists. It is usually automotive on more advanced models. If you are an advanced sewer you will definitely want to ensure that it has this feature. 
  • Position of the Needle – Being able to reposition the needle where you need it while working on projects. This is an important feature when hemming, top stitching, and especially when sewing on zippers. Choose a sewing machine that offers several needle positions which will make working on complicated designs and clothing much easier. 
  • Warranty – Warranties are usually offered on most sewing machines, especially those from reputable companies.  The usual warranty with a sewing machine tends to be 20-25 years for mechanical machines. Other warranties include a 2 year warranty for parts and 1 year for the labor. Make sure you look for and make note of the warranty length and the conditions of the warranty as well.  Buying a sewing machine is an investment so you want to ensure that your investment is protected with a good warranty.



Choosing the right sewing machine for clothes is very important so you end up with a model that works with your particular skill level and interests.  Choose one that is too advanced and complicated and you could end up discouraged and not wanting to sew at all. Choose one that is too basic and you could easily become bored.

The three top rated sewing machines we have featured above are excellent machines for beginners AND more advanced sewers.  They offer a lot of features, premium materials and construction, and a great price too.  Start your search by giving these three machines a look, read the reviews and see if any one of them meets your specific needs.

If not, use the information you have learned in this buying guide and start conducting your own research. Start by deciding what your needs are, how often you will be using the machine, and what your budget is, if any.

Once you have sorted through all the different choices available you will have a much better idea what the different machines offer and can make a confident decision on a sewing machine for making clothes that you will truly enjoy using.