Melissa Barlow, Sewing Machine Enthusiast

Hello fellow home sewers! Melissa Barlow is here to guide you towards buying the right sewing machine. As a long time home sewer myself, I understand how confusing it is to try to buy a new sewing machine. You go to the showroom on the fabric store floor and you see lots of fancy machines with computer panels and too many functions. This is a lot to take in, especially if you still use an old fashioned treadle machine! I’m here to help guide you through this sometimes confusing process by posting my sewing machine reviews.

I’ve always loved to sew. A neighbor first taught me to sew when I was a teenager. I was so excited about my new hobby that I saved up my Christmas and birthday money until I could afford to buy an inexpensive Brother sewing machine. I made that little machine my workhorse for 20 years, sewing everything from my prom dress, curtains for my first home and clothes for my kids.

One thing about people who sew – we collect everything related to it. I’m not only talking about a massive fabric stash, but about buttons, thread, rick-rack, and other notions. Late in life I became a sewing machine collector as well, though unintentionally. I watched a lot of sewing shows on TV and saw the hosts using the latest innovations in sewing machines but I ignored that. I thought I could get a plain one when I needed it. I went to look at the sewing machines at my local fabric store and I was so confused by all of the latest technological models that I turned around and went home!

As I watched my sewing shows I began to notice the new features and what they could do. Soon I was hooked and actively looking for a brand new machine with all of the bells and whistles. I began to collect the later models at yard sales to see what I had missed.

So, readers, I know the pain and confusion of having to buy a fancy new machine after 20 or so years of technological advancements have passed you by. I started this blog as a way to help educate my fellow home sewers about the latest in sewing machines. You can help me to, by leaving comments about your experiences with these machines.

Happy sewing!