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Fiskars Amplify Fabric Shears

5/5 Product Rating

If you cut a lot of thick fabrics like suede, leather, and others like it or you often cut multiple layers of fabric at once, you want these Fiskars Amplify fabric shears in your sewing kit. 

These shears feature razor sharp blades that are made from premium stainless steel that will glide right through whatever you are cutting.

These premium fabric scissors allow users to expand their opportunities and work with all kinds of fabrics without problems.  The ergonomic, sculpted thumb and finger loops are very comfortable to hold and cut with and help provide a secure grip as you are cutting.

Fiskars Amplify fabric shears are perfect for cutting thick, heavy materials that other scissors can’t cut.  Instead of having to battle cutting through tough materials, you’ll sail through those tough cutting jobs with ease.  There are many different Amplify Shears sizes and blade designs available to choose from so you can select one of two that will add to your sewing projects.

Best Easy Action Fabric Scissors

Fiskars Titanium Easy Action Scissors

4.9/5 Product Rating

The Fiskars easy action scissors are perfect for cutting many different kinds of materials including silk, denim, and even multiple layers of fabric.

The ergonomic handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand so you cut easily and quickly.  The bent design of the fabric scissors helps keep the material flat so you get a precise cut each time.

The Arthritis Foundation has awarded these scissors an award for ease-of-use commendation due to the design that is very easy for those with limitations in their hands or that have arthritis to use.  The spring action that these scissors have, reduce the user’s hand strain by automatically opening the blades after each cut is completed.  These easy action fabric scissors are 10” in length and come with a lifetime warranty.

Best Pinking Shears

Fiskars 8 Inch Softgrip Pinking Shears

4.8/5 Product Rating

Fiskars does it again with these quality pinking shears that are just the thing you need for cutting zigzag patterns along the edge of the fabric to reduce the amount of frayed threads present on the fabric.

This zigzag cutting also prevents the fabric from unraveling and ensures clean and crisp projects that you will be pleased with every time.

The stainless steel blades are precision ground and high grade for the best performance you can get from a pair of fabric scissors.  The ergonomic, softgrip feature on the handle reduces hand fatigue so you don’t get tired of cramps during large cutting jobs. The bent handle design ensures that the material you’re cutting stays flat for precise results each time.

They measure 8” in length and come with a lifetime warranty.

Summary of Best Fabric Scissors

Every crafter knows that the right tools are critical for creating the best products.  If you are a sewer, two of the best tools you can have in your toolkit is a great pair of fabric scissors and a quality pair of shears as well.  Having these on hand will keep you ready to tackle any job you take on.

Investing in the right pair of quality fabric scissors makes you more efficient when taking care of cutting tasks.  Usually a good pair of shears will be enough to handle the majority of your cutting jobs but since there are many different types of fabrics and jobs to do, having a few different kinds of fabric scissors and shears will ensure that you can take care of any cutting job you encounter.

The three top rated fabric scissors are excellent examples of the kind of quality scissors you want to have in your sewing kit.  They are manufactured by Fiskars, a giant in the scissors industry and a company known for quality and performance.

If you want to learn more about how to choose the perfect pair of fabric scissors for your cutting tasks, read the following buying guide that contains information that will help you understand and make sense of the different types of fabric shears there are on the market.  We will also provide you with the features that you should be looking for when shopping for the right fabric scissors.

Best Fabric Scissors Buying Guide

Best Fabric Scissors Buying Guide

The Difference between Shears and Scissors

There is a difference between shears and scissors. Although both are for sewing and both cut, they are different and having a pair of each is always a good idea.

The features that distinguish shears from scissors are the shape of the handle and the length of the blades. Most sewing scissors will have blades that are less than 6” but shears have blades that measure 7” or larger.

Other differences include the handles which are equally shaped on scissors and unevenly shaped; with one handle designed for the thumb and the other handle is larger to accommodate two or more of the cutter’s fingers.

This design helps you manage cutting better and allows for more precise cuts and makes them very comfortable to hold while working. The handle on shears are typically bent to make cutting on a flat surface easier and more precise.

Features of a Quality Pair of Scissors

How do you know if a pair of fabric scissors is of good quality? There are several features that a good quality pair of fabric scissors has. When you are researching the different pairs of scissors available, look for these characteristics to make sure you have a high quality pair that will handle all the cutting you want to do.

Can Handle many Different Fabrics – Professional grade fabric scissors will handle many different types of fabrics including felt, leather, suede, denim, satin, silk, PU and more.

Comfortable to Hold and Use – Comfort is very important when using fabric scissors. Look for scissors that have rounded handles that are ergonomic and that fit into the user’s hand comfortably with no pinching or rubbing. Depending on the style or brand, some fabric scissors come with softgrip or padding on the handles for additional comfort.

Best Fabric Scissors Buying Guide

The Right Size – Look for fabric scissors that fit the size of your hands. You don’t want to struggle to use scissors that are either too small or too large.

Blade quality – This is another important feature of quality fabric scissors. Look for scissors that are made from high quality, premium steel that has been precision ground for durability, strength, and sharpness.

Lightweight is good for limitations –If you have weak hands due to physical limitations or you suffer from arthritis you want to look for fabric scissors that are lightweight . They can be made of plastic or titanium which are both lighter weight materials. The lighter weight scissors will be easier to hold.

Top Brands

There are three main brands of sewing and fabric scissors on the market that are seen more than others. We have listed these three companies along with some information about all three. If you are looking for a good quality pair of scissors, these companies can be trusted to provide a high quality, functional pair for your needs.

Fiskars –Fiskars offers the largest range of prices from super inexpensive to high-priced. The offer the largest selection of cutting tools that work well for quilting, sewing, and embroidery. If you are looking for a great pair of sewing fabric scissors, stick to Fiskars expensive models which are better in durability and performance. The inexpensive models that Fiskars offers do not hold up well to the majority of difficult cutting jobs.

Best Fabric Scissors Buying Guide

Gingher – Gingher is another brand that offers plenty of high quality tools for sewing projects and tasks. All of the cutting tools that Gingher offers are excellent performers and have the most traditional design and style of all the brands. Gingher’s line of scissors and shears is more limited than Fiskars and just offer cutting tools that are for quilting, embroidery, and sewing. The benefit to this is that there are not as many choices to sort through when you are looking for the right pair for your needs. The Gingher brand of cutting tools has gold or silver handles and come in many different blade lengths and offer bent handle styles too. They also offer lightweight styles that have plastic handles that are molded and more comfortable to hold and use.

Kai – The last brand we will talk about is Kai, a Japanese based company that features vanadium and stainless steel blades that are super strong. The Kai brand is limited as well much like Gingher but all of the Kai brand of scissors and shears are good quality and worth the money. The scissors from this company are made almost entirely or quilting and sewing. Kai offers two levels of performance with their scissors. The have the 5000 series that includes shears and scissors that have bent handle designs and soft handles with an ergonomic design. The also offer the 7000 series that is a more professional grade of scissors and shears that sewing professionals use. The scissors in the 7000 series have blades that can reach as much as 12” in length and costs that are higher than Fiskars and Gingher.

Tips to Consider Before Purchase

Take a look at these important tips that you should think about before purchasing a pair or two of sewing scissors.

Set your budget – You should try to buy the best quality fabric scissors you can. Cheap scissors perform cheaply and usually lose their sharpness very rapidly.

Shears vs. scissors – Know the difference between shears and scissors and determine whether you need one or both styles. Remember that shears have blades that are 7” or longer and scissors have blades 6” or shorter.

Ask for recommendations from experienced and professional seamstresses – This is a great way to get to know some of the best products on the market that are well worth the investment.

How often will you use them? – When choosing the right pair of fabric scissors, determine how often you will be using them each day. If you are going to use them occasionally, then it won’t be as necessary to buy a professional grade pair. If you use them professionally or do projects every day or close to every day, spend the money to ensure you are getting a great pair for your cutting needs. It will make your projects go much smoother.

Preserving the Scissors – Make sure that you have a case or that the scissors come with a case to protect the blades from damage and dulling. When you invest in good sewing tools it is important that you protect them so they stay sharp and in great shape.

Best Fabric Scissors Buying Guide

Left or Right handed? – Think about whether you are left or right handed before you purchase your scissors. Most companies have sewing scissors that match either left or right handers. If you try using a tool designed for the other hand you can potentially ruin the fabric.

Consider the handles – The best quality fabric scissors typically have smooth handles that fit into the user’s hands comfortably. User-friendly fabric scissors will have handles that feel good to hold and use even for large cutting jobs.

Stainless or Carbon? – Before you make the decision to purchase, decide whether you prefer stainless steel blades or carbon blades. Many serious sewers prefer stainless steel but this is a personal choice.

Brands matter – choose your fabric scissors from a reputable company that you trust, that you can talk to if needed and that you trust. Well-known companies that design products specifically for sewing will always produce scissors that can handle the demands that sewing and cutting, places on them.


Using the wrong fabric scissors can make your sewing projects harder, mess up your finished product, and ultimately damage your scissors. Finding the right cutting tools can make a real difference in your cutting quality and precision. There are tons of choices on the market but we have provided information in this buying guide that will help make the sorting process much easier.

This information includes the right features to look for, the top rated companies on the market that are known for their cutting tools, and how to sort through the different choices so you can be confident in the pair you pick.

Don’t forget to take a look at the three top rated fabric scissor choices we have featured above. Any of these three selections will make a great addition to your sewing tools and will give you exactly what you need to take care ofall your cutting needs and projects.

These models are the best in performance, comfort, durability, and safety and come from a company that is known for quality scissors. They also have features that are popular with professional sewers or crafters that do projects every day. Purchasing one of these three top rated products will give you the fabric scissors you have been looking for.