The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Quilting tends to be an activity for an older set of people, mainly women, but it is certainly not restricted to that audience.  Anyone of any age can learn to quilt if they have the desire and tools needed to learn.  There are tons of resources on the internet for people interested in learning this age of art form.

This resource guide will provide you with a large selection of links to many different quilting sites from the history of quilting to finding the perfect patterns and fabrics.  There are some truly beautiful quilt patterns available that can be turned into what can only be described as a work of art.

Quilts can be simple in design or intricate and breathtaking designs that enthrall those who see it.  It takes time to complete a quilt.  Sewing machines make it easier than it was centuries ago, yet the same reverence is given to a beautifully constructed quilt that has been made with effort, time, talent and determination.

As you go through this resource guide, use the information we have provided to learn all about this still popular activity and get started on a craft that you can do for decades and share with your children and even grandchildren.

This is an activity with a rich history that speaks of quilting bees for socialization and function in the fact that these quilts were designed to keep the families warm.  It is still a popular activity that many cherish as much as their ancestors did centuries ago.

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

The History of Quilting

History of QuiltsAn interesting look back at the history of quilts from its beginning to current including information on where the quilting bee came from.  A very interesting read!

Gathering Around the Frame – the Quilting Bee– Back in the day, quilting was a wonderful excuse to get together and socialize while creating something of true value. Read about the interesting history of the quilting bee.

Tour of America’s Quilting Through provides an incredible walk through the history of quilting in America.  There are some great articles on this site that will give you a new view of quilting and how it has progressed.

African American Quilting Traditions –  Fascinating information on Quilting in the African American Culture including how it began and how it has progressed over the centuries. 

Facts vs. Myths about America’s Quilting PastA part of quilting history are the myths that have helped shape it and add a sense of romantic appeal to it. Some of these tales have been passed down from generation to generation.  This interesting resource will help you learn the difference from the myths and the truths and find fascinating facts that you will love telling others about. 

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Beginning Quilters

Once you’ve made the decision to learn to quilt, it is important to find some good resources to guide you in getting started. The following links are perfect for beginners and will provide a lot of great information on getting started with this rewarding activity.

Quilting Basics: A Five-Part Series for BeginnersA terrific and easy-to-follow, five part series on the basics of quilting including what tools you need, how to choose fabric and more.

Glossary of Quilting Terms and DefinitionsWhen you are first getting started with quilting, it helps to understand the terminology. This resource will help you learn all the definitions and terms used in quilting.

Quilting 101 – Quilt making tips and resourcesA great site with a large array of articles on quilting from how to make a quilt to how to display your finished quilt when you’re done.

Beginner Quilting: How to StartWant to learn to quilt but not quite sure where to start? This article has some valuable tips on how to get started without overwhelming yourself.

Beginner Quilting Supplies | Everything You Need to Start QuiltingHaving the right tools and supplies is very important to your success in this challenging but rewarding endeavor. This article by the Seasoned Homemaker will provide you will information on everything you need to get started.

Top Ten Things To Know Before You Start QuiltingYou’ve decided to learn how to quilt. Before you jump in, take a look at this list of 10 things you want to know before you get started.

10 Quilting Tips for Beginners A list of ten great tips about the common mistakes beginners make when learning to quilt.  Learn about how to wash your quilt without the colors running to making sure your blocks are the same size.

A Guide to Beginner ToolsDo you know all the tools you will need to start quilting?  This resource will make sure you have everything you need on hand.

7 Must-Know Quilting Techniques and Styles A great resource that will teach you about the different kinds of quilting styles and techniques there are.

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Advanced Quilters

52 Free Quilt Block Tutorials from Easy to Advanced52 awesome quilt blocks that you can make. These designs are a collaborative effort from over 30 bloggers that love quilting. These blocks range from easy to advanced. You’ll love the easy to follow tutorials.

10 Quilting Techniques Every Quilter Should MasterThere are many different quilting techniques that you will want to master as you learn to quilt and improve your skills. The following ten techniques should be on every advanced quilters list.

Quilts! Quilting techniques from Beginning to AdvancedCheck out these 25 quilting techniques that range from easy to advanced. Whether you want to make a denim lap quilt or a portrait quilt, these techniques will be a great addition to your skills.

The Most Popular Styles And Techniques Of QuiltingThere are many different styles of quilting. Once you have gotten some quilting experience you may want to take on these different styles as well.

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Quilting Books

Books are a great way to learn about quilting. The follow links provide information on some of the best quilting books in the industry.

Best Quilting Books To Add To Your LibraryIf you have taken on the new challenge of learning to quilt or you are already an experienced quilter, these are books you will want to have in your library.

The 5 Best Machine Quilting Books: Quilt Like a Pro at Home! –  If you want to increase your speed and productivity when it comes to quilting, learning to machine quilt is the answer. Here are five machine quilting books that are reader favorites.

Best Sellers in Quilts & QuiltingWant to arm yourself with a library of great quilting books? Here is a collection of quilting books that are some of the best sellers that Amazon offers.

Best Quilting Books: Editor’s Top Ten – Quilting DailyThe Quilting Company brings you this list of ten Editor’s choice quilting books.

12 Of the Best Books on Quilting for BeginnersHere is a terrific list of instructional quilting books that will teach beginners everything they need to create their first quilt.

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Quilting with Kids

Many kids have a desire to learn sewing and quilting too.  It could be really exciting for a child to create their own quilt for their bedroom. The following resources provide information on teaching kids to quilt and also offer kids’ quilting projects too!

Let Your Kids Help Quilt! 8 Tips to Get StartedQuilting is so much fun for adults that it is not surprising that kids would want to do it too. Children as young as 5 or 6 can get started learning basic quilting techniques. This resource will help you get started.

22 Quilting Projects for Young ChildrenThe quilting patterns on this page are simple enough for the newbie but fun so they stay engaged.  This resource will help them learn the basics of quilting and piecework.

Kids Are Quilting: 5 Things Are Learned Teaching Kids to QuiltKids aren’t the only ones who can learn things when it comes to teaching kids to quilt. Read this one grandmother’s experiences when she begins to teach her granddaughters to quilt.

Quilting with KidsThis fun craft is perfect for teaching kids how to do basic quilting; includes step by step information on how to help your kid create their first quilting project.

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Online Fabric Stores

Here is a list of some of the best places to purchase quilt fabric online.  Check out any one of these stores (or more than one) to get some great deals on quilting fabric.

Joann’s Quilt Shop

Fabric Depot

Shabby Fabrics

Connecting Threads

Fat Quarter Shop  

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Quilting Patterns and Designs

The links below offer plenty of beautiful quilt patterns for quilters of all ages and skill levels.  These patterns shops offer tons of beautiful quilting fabric that are sure to please.

Connecting Threads

 Annie’s Catalog

All People Quilt

 The Quilting Company

Art Gallery Fabrics 

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Free and Paid Online Quilting Lessons – a variety of interesting quilting courses that are very affordable – Craftsy offers a large selection of quilting classes to make certain tasks super easy.

Annie’s Craft StoreLowcost quilting classes that cover a variety of topics and quilting tasks. Annie’s craft store offers a free preview of their classes so you can see what you are getting.

Learn How to QuiltFree tutorials on a variety of quilting techniques for the beginner and advanced quilter. 

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Popular Quilting Blogs

Blogs are a great resource for new and seasoned quilters alike. It’s also a great place to learn new things and make new quilting friends. Below are some of the most popular quilting blogs on the internet according to quilting review sites and other quilters.

8 Quilting Blogs We Love And Think You Will TooQuilter’s Review provides readers with a list of their 8 favorite quilting blogs. Maybe you will find some on the list that you like too.

The 16 Best Quilting Blogs on the Web For 2018Check out 16 of the best blogs on the internet according to

33 {Best} of the Best Quilting BlogsHere is an awesome list of 33 fantastic quilting blogs that are sure to provides tons of reading and interacting enjoyment with other quilters. 

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Popular Quilting Social Media


Caron’s LinksA great collection of Facebook groups for quilting

Quilting Groups on Facebook My top 5Five great quilting Facebook groups that you can join and participate in



Tons of Quilting BoardsCheck out this resource for some great Pinterest quilting boards that you can look through and enjoy re-pinning.



Top 5 Quilting Instagram AccountsInstagram is an excellent source for ideas and tips for quilters of all ages and skill levels. Here is a list of 5 quilting instagrammers that you will want to follow.

INSTAGRAM! | 12 Sewing & Quilting Instagram Accounts to FollowIf you’re looking for inspiring and interesting quilting information on Instagram, here are 12 instagrammers you will want to follow.

50 Instagram Accounts Every Quilter Should FollowIf you’re a quilter you will want to look through this list posted by Craftsy that offers 50 great instagram account suggestions that every quilter should follow.



Top 5 Quilting YouTubersLove Youtube?  Check out the top five quilting Youtubers to offer inspiration and great quilting information.

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Quilting Forums

Missouri Star Quilting Co.A current quilting forum with over 700 active members

Quilting BoardThe Quilter’s message board where you can participate in conversations and ask questions too.There are over 100,000 members registered on this forum.

Quilt in a Day Community ForumAn active forum with plenty of ongoing conversation to participate in.

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Misc. Quilting Resources

Top 10 Interesting Quilt Facts– Here are ten cool facts about this popular activity that you may not have known.

135+ Tips, Tricks, Tutorials & More: The Ultimate Quilting ResourceAn incredibly HUGE collection of tips, tutorials, and much more at Craftsy.  You’ll spend a LOT of time here!

My top Ten Tips for Free Motion Machine QuiltingIf you want to learn free motion machine quilting, here is a great place to start.

How to Store Quilts to Keep Them Safe and SecureNow that you have a quilt or two made, learn the best ways to store them safely so they stay protected.

Are You Using Your Rotary Cutter Safely?Rotary cutters may LOOK easy but it’s easy to knick yourself or worse when using one if you’re not careful. Here are 13 tips to help you use your rotary cutter as safely as possible.

How to Wash and Care for a Quilt…The Right Way!You’ve worked long and hard to create a quilt you are proud of and want to pass down to your kids.  Now learn how to wash and care for it properly so it lasts.

Quilting Secrets: 27 Tips and Tricks for Quilt MakingFavQuilts brings you this resource that provides 27 great tips and tricks for quilt making that you can incorporate into your quilting.

10 Minute Tips for Quilters –  Get some great tips from well-known quilter Diane Knott.

Color Fundamentals –Want to understand how to use a color wheel and put together color combinations that wow? Check out this great article on color from Quilt Beginnings.

7 Sewing Safety Tips: How to Avoid InjuriesSafety is always important when you are quilting. You are using sharp scissors, rotary cutters and sewing machines.  Here are 7 safety tips that will help you avoid injuries.

Sewing Room Safety: 14 TipsYesterday’s Thimble brings you a collection of important safety tips for your (or anyone else’s) sewing room.  These are very important to teach to young quilters as well.

The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Quilting Designs

Quilting DesignsUrban Elementz brings you this great collection of quilting designs for sale that are sure to please every quilter.

How to Pick the Right Quilting Design for Your Quilt   – With so many beautiful quilt designs on the market how do you know where to start and what design to choose? This article will help!

Embroidery Designs – Lowcost quilting designs that you can purchase to create stunning quilts.

Beautiful Machine Quilting Patterns for Beginnersa collection of great quilting patterns perfect for the new quilter. Great for kids to try too. (with supervision)

32 Free Quilting Designs for Machine Quilting– If you love machine quilting, take a look at these 32 beautiful designs that you can make.

Free Machine Quilting Designs– A great resource for free machine quilting designs that are sure to please.

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Organizing Your Quilting Supplies

Keeping your quilting space organized is very important when it comes to being productive and having a comfortable work space. Here are some great ideas and resources for setting up your quilting space and keeping it organized.

17 Quilting Supply Storage Tips – 17 great tips for making your quilting area functional, comfortable and pleasing too.

7 Quilt Room Organization Tips – Fons & PorterTake a look at these 7 organization ideas for your quilting room.

7 quick, low-cost fixes for your quilting spacewant a great quilting space that you enjoy being in while still having it be functional? Take a look at these beautiful decorating ideas.

Tips for Organizing Your Sewing StudioWant to have an attractive, organized sewing area so you can create without having to search and find everything you need or move stuff out of the way before you can sew?  Take a look at these tips.

Quilt Room Ideas – Take a look at over 200 pins with beautiful designs and quilting room ideas.

Quilt Room Layout Ideas – If you’re looking for inspiration on how to set up your quilting room, these beautiful pins will help!

 The Complete Quilting Resource Guide

Resources for Sewing Machines for Quilting

Here are some great recommendations for sewing machines that are perfect for quilting.  These models are popular with experienced quilters and are on many top machine review sites.

Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Sewing Machine 

Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Brother Laura Ashley CX155LA Sewing & Quilting Machine

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

SINGER Confidence Quilter 7469Q

Brother Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine