The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Sewing is an activity that has been very popular for centuries.  As time has gone by its popularity has not decreased much at all. Although sewing is not the necessity it once was since there are department stores that sell clothing now, it is still a much loved hobby engaged in by people of all ages.

Some people sew as a profession as well, whether as a seamstress that does alterations or someone who creates clothing, crafts, home décor and other items. It doesn’t matter what your objective is when it comes to learning to sew, it is important to know where to find the best sewing resources available.

This resource guide is jam packed with valuable resources that cover every aspect of sewing from its history to how to start your own sewing-based business.  These great resources will help people of all ages, even the newest of newbies; learn all about this great activity as well as providing recommendations for sewing machines, fabric, and much more.

The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

The History of Sewing

The History of SewingAn interesting timeline of sewing and the creation of the sewing machine. Take a look back in time and discover just how far back the activity of sewing goes.

Stitches in Time – 100 Years of Machines and Sewing The Museum of American Heritage had a wonderful exhibit back in 2004 all about sewing machines. The exhibit was called Stitches in Time. Here is a link to the archives of this wonderful exhibit, providing you with an interesting array of information about this popular activity.

The Needlebar Main SiteThe Needlebar was a group of collectors that that were interested in vintage sewing machines and their history and inventors. Although the group is not currently active anymore, the website has been maintained and contains a huge collection of articles that will please any sewer that is interested in the history of the machines and how they came to be.

The History of the Sewing MachineHere is an interesting article for those interested in the history of the sewing machine. This article goes well with the Needlebar site above for those with a strong interest in sewing machines themselves.

 The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Resources for Beginning Sewers

Learning to sew is something that many people have a desire to do, even children. For some it brings back memories of their grandmothers or mothers making their clothing or sewing costumes for Halloween, etc.  Below are some great resources for the beginning sewer to explore. These resources will provide an excellent foundation for those who want to learn this interesting and creative craft.

Understanding Beginning Sewing Terms: A Sewing DictionaryHere is a terrific resource that will introduce beginners to sewing terms that they will use and hear throughout their sewing “career”.

Sewing 101 Essential Sewing Terms and Phrases – More helpful sewing phrases, terms, and definitions that will help you understand the ins and outs of sewing as well as be able to understand sewing machine terms and other important information.

Learn How to Sew: My Guide to Beginners Sewing  – A great resource for beginners from Stitch and Sew. Learn the basics of sewing from some history all the way to having the right tools for this fun activity.

SINGER Sewing Resources– SINGER, a hugely popular and well-known company in the sewing machine industry provides sewers of all skill levels with this resource section that helps with everything from threading your machine to creating a buttonhole.

Make it & Love it – A huge array of tutorials for beginning sewers that covers every aspect of sewing and sewing projects that you can think of.  There are pages of tutorials on this site! 

Basic Sewing Tools You Need to Get Started + What to Add as You Move Up– Just getting started in sewing? Here is a site that will tell you all the basic tools you need and what to add to your arsenal as your skills increase and improve.

Craft Snob – Sewing 101 – A four part series on the basics of sewing for the newbie.  Easy to understand instructions that cover everything from presser feet to stitches. 

Bite Sized Sewing – Free Patterns and Tutorials for the Beginner SewerSewing can be overwhelming for beginners.  Here are some great “bite-sized” tutorials, patterns, and projects that are designed for the beginner.

How to build sewing skills if you’re an absolute beginnerGreat tips on building up your sewing skills if you are just starting out. This great resource can keep you from becoming discouraged.

Sewing Notions and Supplies – When you start sewing you’re going to need supplies. Fabric Depot has tons of great notions for your sewing activities.

Sewing Parts Online – Another great place to buy your sewing supplies and other fun things for your sewing hobby

11 Sewing Machine Safety Tips for BeginnersSafety should always be a consideration when sewing. Here are 11 important safety tips for beginners.

The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Resources for Advanced Sewers

If you are past the beginning sewer days and have moved on to being an advanced sewer, here are some resources for you to help you continue to learn and grow in your craft.

Top 10 Advanced Sewing Machine Features: What to Look for When You’re Shopping for Your Dream Machine– Sewing machines can be really confusing for a newbie but once you have mastered the basics, it can be fun to lean about advanced features that you may not have tried yet. This resource provides you with 10 features that you may want to look for when you buy your next machine.

Sprout PatternsA great site that offers beginning and advanced sewers a lot of different resources including how-to tutorials, project suggestions, sew-a-longs and much more.

Stitch Reference Guide – SINGER provides this great list of dozens of stitches that are available on the SINGER machines. While it is not an exhaustive list, it provides a great start to many of the more popular and often used stitches.

Sew-Lutions Guidelines – If you are looking for a great, exhaustive resource for all things sewing, this site from is it.  These pdf-formatted educational articles cover TONS of different sewing topics. You could spend a LOT of time on this site!

The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing 

Resources for Sewing Books

Many people that get started with sewing love to read books on the subject to learn even more. For people who learn well by reading, books can be an excellent resource.

Grandma Likes to Sew – Best Sewing Books for Beginners – Here is a great collection of books for those who are just getting started with sewing.

Top 9 Sewing Books for Beginners – A popular se3ing blog that has put together a reader inspired list of the best sewing books for beginners.

How to Sew: Beginner Sewing Books I LoveThe Seasoned Homemaker supplies this list of her favorite beginning sewing books that you may love just as much.

7 Super Helpful Garment Sewing BooksDo you love to sew clothing?  Here are 7 helpful sewing books for sewing garments that will increase your clothes knowledge.

50 Favorite Sewing BooksIt doesn’t get much better than this huge list of sewing books that covers beginners, reference books, and much more. 

 The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Resources for Sewing with Kids

Kids are often fascinated with sewing and show a desire to learn this craft that will allow them to create an endless variety of things from crafts to clothing. Here are some great resources for sewing with kids.

Simple Sewing Projects for KidsA list of 25 great sewing projects perfect for kids who are interested in sewing.  Click on the photo of the craft you are interested in and get step by step instructions including the needed supplies.

Sewing with Kids: Projects and Materials for Getting StartedIf your child has just gotten started with sewing, they (and you) will love this article with projects and the materials needed to get started.

Teaching a Child to SewPhoebe and egg features this informative article on teaching your child to sew that makes it simple and non-threatening to get started with this activity, even if your child has never seen a sewing machine.

Teach a Child to SewWikiHow shows how to teach a child to sew with these 5 simple ways.  Easy to understand instructions make it stress free for both child and adult.  

Top 7 Tips for Teen SewingIf your teen shows an interest in sewing, you will want some good resources for teaching them. Try these 7 great tips that will help them get started.

Teaching Kids to SewMake it & Love it offers a great 5 part series on how to teach kids to sew; a terrific resource for the kid who wants to learn how to master this creative activity.

 The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Resources for Online Fabric Stores

The most important thing you need for sewing after you purchase a sewing machine is fabric.  You can get fabric from a large variety of places.  Online is a great way to shop for sewing fabric and the online stores usually offer great deals that you may not find in a brick and mortar retail store.  Here are some resources to help you locate some great online fabric stores.

Fabric Depot


Online Fabric Store

Mood Fabrics

Fashion Fabrics Club


Decorative Fabrics Direct

Hawthorne Supply Co

Girl Charlee Fabrics

Organic Cotton Plus

Low Price Fabric


 The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Resources for Sewing Patterns  

Patterns are a necessary part of creating great clothing and other projects. Here is a list of resources for patterns that you will find very useful.

Sewing Patterns – Here is a colorful site that offers plenty of different patterns for clothes of all kinds and costumes too.

McCalls – McCalls is one of the most well-known pattern makers in the industry. The McCalls site has a large array of great patterns to make all kinds of clothing and accessories.

Butterick – Another well-known pattern brand by McCall with a huge selection of great patterns for kids to adults and includes accessories too.

Colette Patterns – Colette offers a great selection of patterns for beautiful dresses, tops, and much more.

Free Sewing Patterns – If you’re looking for free patterns, So Sew Easy is just what you need.  Selections include hoodies, accessories, bags and clothing of all kinds.

Sewing Support Patterns – Sewing Support offers beginning and seasoned sewers over 5000 different patterns from baby bibs to soft toys to patterns for your pets.

The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Free and Paid Online Sewing Lessons

If you’re looking for a place to take sewing lessons online, these resources are the first place you should look. Some of the links below offer free lessons and others are paid so be sure to check what the offerings are with each of these great links.

Learn to Sew – Free Online Sewing Classes – Crazy Little Projects presents this series of free online sewing classes that will teach you to do a variety of sewing tasks from adding elastic to learning about the different stitches.

Learn to Sew by Melly Sews– A free online course that is emailed to the user along with some lessons on the site itself.

12 Free Online Basic Sewing Classes for Beginners– Sew Some Stuff offers this resource that lists 12 informative online sewing classes for the newbie that cover machine basics and other tasks as well.

Sewing Studio with Diana Rupp (paid)This 16 lesson course teaches an array of sewing topics from a basic intro class to learning all about your sewing machine.

 The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Resources for Popular Sewing Blogs

Blogs are a great way to learn all kinds of things about sewing.  It is also where you can make some sewing friends, get freebies of all kinds and read about other sewing enthusiast’s lives.  The following links will give you some great sewing blogs that you will want to check out.

20 Sewing Blogs You Need to FollowCraftsy presents this list of 20 popular sewing blogs that you will want to follow.  If you are looking for new skills, inspiration, and tips from experienced sewists, this is the list for you.

Mood’s Ultimate List of the Best Sewing Blogs – It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to sewing or you are a seasoned sewist, this list will provide you with some great blogs to check out that are written by people who love sewing as much as you do.

Sewing Blogs I Love – 10 Best Sewing BlogsSomewhat simple offers this list of her favorite sewing blogs that include some really popular greats that are on many other top 10 lists too. Check them out!

The Top 50 Best Bloggers for Sewing EnthusiastsDo we have a terrific list for you!  Burdastyle has put together this wonderful PDF of 50 of the best bloggers around. Enjoy!

The Ten Best Sewing Blogs – Sewing from Home shares 10 of the best sewing blogs on the internet currently.  See if your favorite is there or find some new talent to enjoy!


Resources for Popular Sewing Social Media

Social media is a great place to find plenty of ways to connect with other sewing enthusiasts. You can find Facebook groups, Pinterest pages, Youtube channels and much more. Below we have provided resources for some pages, groups, and channels you will want to check out.


10 Must Follow Sewing Facebook Pages

12 Amazing Sewing Facebook Groups You Need To Join


Top 10 Sewing Pinners You Should Follow on Pinterest

Top 10 Pinterest Boards EVERY Stitcher Must Follow


10 Stitchy Instagrammers You Should Be Following

7 Sewing Instagrammers to Follow

10 Sewing Instagrammers To Follow


10 Sewing Youtubers to Watch

15 YouTube sewing vlogs to watch

 The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Resources for Starting a Sewing Business

Sewing can be a very viable and successful business for those who have a knack for it.  These resources will help you with creating a sewing business that you can make money with and be proud of.

How to Begin a Home Sewing BusinessA WikiHow page on how to begin a home sewing business that breaks it down into manageable steps.

How to Start a Sewing BusinessThis informative article by How to Start an LLC takes you through the different aspects of a sewing business and what is involved in creating your own business.

7 Things You Need to Start a Sewing BusinessWhat are some of the things you will need to start your own sewing business?  Staples provides this list of 7 of the things that will be a part of your business supplies.

6 Ways to Make Money Sewing – Want to have a sewing business but need some ideas on what to do?  Sew my Place offers 6 ways you can make money with your sewing machine.

Introduction to Starting a Sewing Business from HomeAssemble & Learn breaks down the steps to starting your own sewing business. This helpful information will get your started down the right path to putting together a profitable sewing business.

How to Start My Own Sewing Business– provides you with updated and current information on creating a successful sewing business. Learn what you need to do to create it today.

Profit From a Home Sewing BusinessMaking money is one of the main reasons people decide to start a business.  Mother Earth News provides would be sewing businesses with a plan that shows how to profit from an activity you love and are talented at.

 The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Resources for Sewing Forums

Forums are another popular avenue for meeting other like-minded people that love to sew.  The links below list several active forums where you can meet other sewing enthusiasts and get your questions answered, help others with their questions and make some sewing friends.

Everything Sewing ForumAn active forum with over 2000 members.

Pattern ReviewAnother great sewing forum with TONS of members.

Houzz Sewing ForumAn active forum with over 4000 posts! Jump in and start asking your own questions and helping others.

Stitcher’s Guild Reloaded –Search through a huge variety of active discussions

Sewing Mamas ForumOnce registered you can enjoy all kinds of active discussion about your favorite activity.

SewForum.coma huge forum with over 140,000 members. You’ll find a lot to participate in here. 

 The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Misc. Sewing Resources

Under this category you will find resources for sewing supplies and other misc. topics we have not covered above including maintenance, cleaning information and sewing room decorating ideas.

Woven Clothing Labels This site offers custom woven cloth fabric labels and clothing tags, an affordable finishing touch to your clothing products. These are professionally woven cloth labels used by many large garment manufacturers, designers, and crafters who rely on professional services.

The Ultimate List of FAVORITE Sewing Supplies Having all the right supplies is very important when it comes to being prepared. Here is the ultimate list of sewing supplies that are favorites with sewers everywhere.

The Best Sewing Supplies for BeginnersThe Seasoned Homemaker brings beginners this valuable list of sewing supplies.

15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies Items You Can’t Do, one of the most popular sites in the industry brings you this list of 15 sewing supplies that you can’t do without. How many do you have?

How to maintain your sewing machineKeeping your machine in good running order is something you should stay on top of. Colette offers this great article on how to maintain your sewing machine that will keep yours in good shape for a long time to come.

Sewing 101: Basic Sewing Machine MaintenanceFrom taking care of the needles to keeping it covered; learn what you need to do to keep your sewing machine in tip top shape. 

 The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Resources for Decorating and Organizing

If you have space in your house for a sewing room, it can be a lot of fun to decorate it. Even if you don’t have a dedicated room, there are some organizing and decorating tips you can use to make the most of small sewing spaces.

9 Ideas to Decorate your Sewing Room Looking for some good ideas to use in your sewing room? Check out these 9 ideas from Threads Magazine.

16 Sewing Room Organization IdeasWant some decorating inspiration for YOUR sewing room? Take a look at these 16 creative ideas. You may want to use one or more in your own sewing room.

10 Tips to Help Organize your Sewing Room– Organization is important in a sewing room. Here are 10 suggestions on organizing your sewing space for ultimate productivity,

8 WONDERFUL Sewing Room Ideas for Small Spaces – If you’re limited on space, you may be worried that you don’t have room to have a real sewing room. These suggestions give you some creative ideas for creating a sewing room in a tiny spot.

12 Low Budget Ways to Organize Your Sewing RoomBeing on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have an organized sewing room all your own.  Take a look at these 12 low budget ways you can get your sewing room organized.

Sewing Spaces – Do’s and Don’ts to Make a Perfect Sewing Areathere are some basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to your sewing room. Set up a room that will be everything you want and look at things that do and don’t make a great sewing area.

 The Complete Resource Guide for Sewing

Resources for Sewing Machines

We have several recommendations for you to take a look at when you are ready to purchase a sewing machine.  These recommendations come from research, testing, and interviews with professionals in the sewing industry.

Portable Sewing MachineSINGER Quantum Stylist

Serger Sewing Machine –  Singer Professional 14T968DC Serger

Embroidery Machine –  Brother SE600 Sewing Machine

Budget Sewing Machine – Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

Kids Sewing Machine – Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine