Best Sewing Machines for Kids

Best Sewing Machines for Kids Reviews

Best Sewing Machine for Kids Overall

Singer Start

5/5 Product Rating

It’s not a surprise that the overall best sewing machine for kids would come from Singer.  The Singer Start 1304 is a quality free-arm sewing machine that has 6 stitches built-in that are popular and used frequently when sewing various things.

 There is also a 4 step buttonhole feature.  The storage compartment is removable and holds a variety of small sewing accessories that are versatile and user-friendly.

This great kid’s sewing machine is very portable and lightweight too, weighing only 11 ½ pounds so it’s easy to take with you to a sewing class or for sewing in small spaces.  The machine has an auto bobbin winding feature that makes winding the bobbin super easy. 

This super simple, basic, and kid-friendly sewing machine from singer is just what you want to start your child with when they want to learn to sew.  Each of the 6 preloaded stitches come with the stitch length and stitch width pre-set so you don’t have to mess with setting those values. The Singer Start sewing machine for kids comes with a 25 year limited warranty.

Best Sewing Machine for Young Children

Cool Maker

4.8/5 Product Rating

The easy-to-use, safe Sew N Style is a great choice for kids that want to learn how to sew.  This fun sewing machine has great features that allow kids to make all kinds of creative fashions such as the pom pom attachment that helps them create fun pom poms that they can add to any of their designs.

The storage drawer keeps everything in one place so they stay organized. This great kid’s sewing machine comes with the accessories and fabric to make five fun projects that include a glitter pouch and a cute plush unicorn. 

The included patterns, sparkly fabric, ribbons and string are all ready for your budding sewer to use to make fun creations they will be proud of.

Sew N Style is recommended for ages 6 and up and runs on 4- AA batteries.  It is easy to use and light enough to be used anywhere.  Help your kid expand their sewing knowledge while allowing them to make some really fun creations that will keep them interested in sewing for a long time to come. This machine makes the perfect Christmas or birthday gift.

Best Sewing Machine for Teens


4.6/5 Product Rating

If your teenager shows an interest in sewing they will love this compact, portable sewing machine that is perfect for beginners and those who want to do sewing or alterations on the go.  It comes with 13 pre-loaded stitches that include zigzag, crescent, and straight and has two positions for the needle.

Other features include the free arm design, reverse, and an accessory storage area. This fun little machine only weighs 5 pounds making it perfect for younger sewers as well. The presser foot contains a finger guard that will protect them from getting their fingers pinched or injured.

The drop-in bobbin located at the top along with the included threading diagrams make set up super easy and the clear cover makes it easy to see what they are doing. The stitch choices are printed right on the side of the sewing machine for easy selection with the large turn dial. It is the perfect size for apartments, dorms, or anywhere you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

The fuchsia color adds to the appeal of this machine for your teen, pre-teen, or even yourself if you want a small, lightweight machine that is perfect for quick sewing repairs and alterations.

Summary of Sewing Machines for Kids

There really is no “right” age for a child that wants to learn to sew.  Some children are fast learners with good attention spans at an early age and can be taught hand sewing and move on from there.  Even famous designer Coco Chanel started sewing at the very young age of six.

 The main consideration is safety. You want to make sure that if you are going to get your child a sewing machine, that it is easy for them to use and learn on and that it has safety features in place that will help your child stay protected while they are learning.

The three top-rated swing machines for kids that we have featured above are excellent for the first timers that have never done any sewing before.  It is a good way to see if their interest in sewing is just a flash in the pan or it is something that will grow and expand as they learn to do more. 

Each of these great sewing machines are simple and easy to use even for young children but should always be used under the supervision of an adult unless they are a teen that has previous sewing exposure and knowledge.

If you want to learn more about how to choose the perfect sewing machine for kids, read the buying guide below. It contains valuable information on how to choose the right sewing machine, features to look for that are kid friendly and much more.

After reading this guide you will have a great foundation in which to start sorting through all the different models and find the perfect one for your kids.

Best Sewing Machine for Kids Buying Guide

Best Sewing Machine for Kids Buying Guide

Sewing is a great way to teach kids patience and improve their hand-eye coordination as well as being an outlet for their creativity. There are several things you will want to consider before you purchase a sewing machine for your kids. Ask the following questions when you are researching and looking at different models.

Is the presser foot screw-on or snap-on? – The goal when looking for a sewing machine for kids is to find one that is easy for your kid to use and safe too. For this reason, look for presser feet that screw on rather than snap on. Even though the snap on presser feet are easier to switch out they are more likely to shift or move while the child is using the machine which can cause injuries. Some machines that have snap-on feet offer the option of screw-on so look to see if that is the case with the particular machine you are looking at.

Push buttons or Pedals? – Some of the more modern sewing machines offer push buttons rather than pedals so it is easier to control the speed in which you are stitching. These push buttons are easier for small children to use who may be too short to reach pedals.

The size of the sewing machine – If you buy a sewing machine that is too big for a kid that wants to learn they will not have an easy time using it and will more than likely become discouraged and give up. Look for a smaller machine that is kid friendly and has pedals that are easy for them to reach and push buttons that are easy to understand and use. Another good idea is an open feed arm that will allow the kid to control the movement of the fabric from both sides of the sewing needle safely.

The speed of the machine – You want a sewing machine that will be fast enough for the kid to stay interested but not so fast that they can injure their fingers by sewing them into the material they are working with. Always start with the slowest speed at first while the kid gets used to how it feels to feed the material through at a slower speed before you start teaching them to increase their speed.

Warranties – Because kids have a tendency to break things much faster than an adult will, look for a sewing machine for kids that offer a good warranty. The majority of sewing machine warranties is 25 year warranties and will cover parts as well as labor if something goes wrong. Make sure that the warranty offers tech or phone support so you can talk to someone right away if you have questions or problems with your machine.

Easy thread feeding – A sewing machine that is good for kids with reduce frustration that can go along with hard-to-do functions. An example of this is a machine that will auto thread the needle. This saves a lot of frustration for the child so they do not become discouraged. If the machine does not offer auto threading look for a design that makes it very easy for the child to thread it themselves.

Stitch choices – The creativity and hand-eye coordination that sewing can provide for your child is what makes it one of the best hobbies they can engage in. It is also a hobby that can grow with them as they get older and progress in their skills. How many stitches are offered with the machine or machines you are interested in? Fun stitch choices, including their favorite cartoon character can keep them interested and more likely to stick with it through the sometimes difficult learning part.

Brand name matters – Brands are very important when it comes to the sewing machine you choose. Look for machines that are made by reputable, well-known companies such as Brother, Jancome, Singer, and similar well-known companies that have good reputations and products.

Fun Options and Accessories – Look for sewing machines that offer fun options and accessories that the child can use. For example, one of the top rated sewing machines for kids that we have featured above has five projects that a child can make with lots of glitter, fun fabrics and even a pom pom maker attachment. 

Best Sewing Machine for Kids Buying Guide

How Young Can A Child Start?

Decades ago sewing was not something that was viewed as a hobby, it was a necessity. Women sewed their children’s clothing, repaired clothing, and made a ton of things. Children back then, especially girls, were automatically taught to sew as part of the skills that were important to know how to do. In today’s times, sewing is looked at as a hobby. While some people sew for a living, it is definitely a lost art especially with the younger generation.

Children can learn to sew as young as 3 or 4 years old with constant adult supervision. At that age they may not be the most adept or even stick with it very long at once but once they complete their first project, you’re likely to have an enthusiast on your hands that asks to sew every day so they can make more things.

There are tons of great sewing and sewing project books available as well with colorful illustrations that will excite the child as they look through and see what is possible for them to learn. By choosing a sewing machine for kids that is smaller it will be lighter and less expensive as well. It will also more than likely have safety features that are kid-friendly.

Kids that learn to sew at a very young age will have more confidence in their abilities and they will respect artists and that process more as well. Kids that start sewing at a young age also learn to protect the fingers from the presser feet and tend to be more safety conscious than a child that starts at an older age.

Features to Look for In a Sewing Machine for Kids

There are several features you will want to look for when researching different sewing machines for your child or children. We have listed these important features below.
Start/stop button or pedal – There are two ways to operate a sewing machine for kids; either the foot pedal or a start and stop button. Some kids have no problem using the pedal while using their hands to guide the fabric through. Other children may not have the dexterity to handle both at first and will find a start/stop button much easier to start with.

Machine Feet – The presser feet are one of the most important aspects to look at when selecting a sewing machine for kids. This is where you will be feeding the material through that is to be sewn. Good feet will not just snap on they will be attached with screws. If they fall off or shift or move they can become a hazard. Secure feet will be much safer for your kid during use.

Finger guards – Sewing machines for beginners come with a finger guard which is very good to use for a child just starting out. Look for a removable finger guard so it can be detached after the child has gained some experience. Whether you are an adult or child everyone who is just starting out will accidentally sew their finger if they are not careful.

Threading the needles – It takes a lot of patience and practice to thread the needle of a sewing machine. Teach your child the basics of how to do it and how to line up the thread precisely. Kid’s sewing machines come with auto-threaders that are very helpful when frustration sets in. After a while they will be able to do it themselves but having this auto-thread option is a great way to get through the frustration when first learning.

Best Sewing Machine for Kids Buying Guide

Sewing speeds – The speed of a beginner’s sewing machine is important as well. You don’t want a child to have to keep up with a fast sewing machine in the beginning because it can be very overwhelming. Look for machines that have consistent speeds that can remain slow and will not slow down or speed up randomly. This provides the child with more control and they can build up speed over time as their confidence and skills increase. Most beginners do very well with a button that controls starting and stopping rather than a pedal.

Stitch varieties – When a kid is first learning to sew there doesn’t need to be tons of stitch options. Sometimes just 5-10 basic stitches are enough to get them started. Stitches like zigzag, running stitch, back stitch and reverse stitch are all you really need at first. As their skills improve you can add more stitches.

Bobbin Winders – A complicated bobbin winder will not be easy for a child to work with. Look for a simple winder that makes it easy to insert the bobbin into the slot. The idea with a sewing machine for kids is to look for ways to simplify the different tasks while they are learning so they don’t have to struggle constantly.

Warranties and weight of the machine – Good sewing machines have a good weight and size to them that works well with the user. Look for a sewing machine for kids, that weighs less than 15 pounds. Any heavier and it becomes too much for the child to carry and they can get hurt if it ever falls over. In addition to the size, be sure to look for models that come with a good warranty. Accidents happen, especially with kids so having a good warranty can take care of any accidents that happen during use or even if it gets knocked over by a rambunctious pet.


Whichever sewing machine for kids you decide to purchase, you want to make sure that it has all the features a child that is just starting out can use safely and enjoyably. A machine that is easy to use in the beginning will be a great way to introduce them to the art of sewing. Once they have learned a few things, they can increase their skills and abilities and at some point will be ready for an upgrade.

For this reason you don’t want to purchase a sewing machine that is TOO basic or there is nowhere for them to go with it. If you are buying for a super young child or 3 or 4, you can get a lot more use from one of the kid’s machines that are super simple and basic then if the child is 8 or 10.

The products we have reviewed above are all excellent choices for younger children that want to learn to sew. These top rated choices are from reputable companies, have simple and easy-to-use features and are lightweight as well.

The knowledge you have gained from the buying guide will help you understand what to look for as you shop around. This information will enable you to make a confident decision on the sewing machine for kids that you decide to purchase.